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Your Local Whitehall Credit Union

Our staff is proud to provide Whitehall residents with a community driven credit union. We aim to provide the best banking and customer service in town, and contribute to the growth that Whitehall has been a part of. Choosing to bank with HarborLight Credit Union gives you access to the tools and information required to make smart decisions regarding your financial future. Our local Whitehall credit union is dedicated to our community by backing local organizations, educations, and charities that have a focus on improving the quality of life for our Whitehall members.

Customer Service

Local Whitehall residents have always set a great importance on customer service. Having been in the banking business for over 60 years, we know what our members look for when choosing a credit union. We provide our residents with the best customer service in town – not to mention we save our members thousands of dollars each and every year by allowing our members to refinance their loans from other banks and financial institutions! Our customer service, combined with our lower loan rates and fees, (and don’t forget the exclusive discounts and benefits!), make it an easy choice when choosing your local Whitehall credit union.

Being Local Means We Care More

When you are a local business, it makes a difference with how you do business with your customers and members. Our lighthouse logo is the perfect symbol to showcase what we stand for – a safe place to meet all of your financial needs. When residents of Whitehall (and the surrounding areas) bank with HarborLight Credit Union, they know they will receive the utmost respect and appreciation from our staff.