Mobile Deposit Capture Guidelines

Available through our app – TouchBanking

All checks submitted to Mobile Deposit Capture must be made payable to an account owner. Third-Party checks will not be accepted.  A third-party check is a check that is made out to someone other than the account owner and has been signed over to the account owner.

  • The image of the front and back of the check must cover all four corners or the deposit may be rejected.
  • Check images must be legible or they will not be processed.
  • Check images that are not legible must be deposited at HarborLight Credit Union.
  • Business checks must be deposited into a business account.
  • All deposits must be made into a checking account.
  • All checks must be endorsed “For mobile deposit only at HarborLight Credit Union” on the back of each check. Some checks may have a mobile deposit check box that may be used with the endorsement “At HarborLight Credit Union”

DO NOT DESTROY THE CHECK UNTIL IT IS ACCEPTED IN THE DEPOSIT CHECK HISTORY. Failed or rejected check will show in Deposit Check History and an email will be sent through Virtual Branch (online banking) with a brief description of why the deposit was not accepted.

All rules and fees that apply to check deposits also apply to Mobile Deposits. Please visit our Website to view our Fee Schedule.

HarborLight Credit Union reserves the right to terminate or restrict this service for a member without prior notice. Any fraud committed by duplicate deposit of a check will result in immediate termination of the service for the member.

If you have any questions about this service or how it works please contact us at 231-894-5608