Use your free Debit MasterCard® worldwide wherever MasterCard® is accepted. When you make a purchase with your debit MasterCard® funds are withdrawn directly from your checking account. This card also functions as your ATM card. At an ATM you can withdrawal, deposit, transfer, etc.


  • six (6) free pin based transactions per month
  • unlimited signature based transactions used as “Credit”
  • for signature based transactions ask for Credit
  • get cash back on point of sale transactions by using your PIN number



Get on-the-go debit card alerts.

Instant alerts let you know the moment your card is used.

  • Protect yourself against fraud.
  • Customize alerts for your transactions.
  • Track spending.

Get the CardValet® mobile app today. 

How to change your PIN

To set a PIN, call toll free 1-800-757-9848

You must call from the primary phone number listed on your account & answer 4 authentication questions:

  1. CV2 – 3 digit number located on the back of your card
  2. SS# – last 4 (business accounts last 4 of SS# or EIN)
  3. Expiration date on card
  4. Date of Birth