HarborLight Credit Union offers two types of Certificates of Deposit to meet your needs:


Regular CD

  • Minimum opening deposit for Regular CD – $500
  • No Add-on deposits allowed
  • Withdrawals of interest earned allowed without penalty

Jumbo CD

  • Minimum opening deposit for Jumbo CD – $50,000
  • No add-on deposits to CD
  • Withdrawals of interest earned allowed without penalty

You may purchase both Regular and Jumbo CDs as either Share certificates or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) certificates.  The rates for both Share and IRA CDs are determined by the term you purchase.

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Terms for CDs are as follows:

  • 6 months – Regular only
  • 12 months – Regular only
  • 18 months – Regular only
  • 24 months – Regular & Jumbo
  • 36 months – Regular & Jumbo
  • 48 months – Regular & Jumbo
  • 60 months – Regular & Jumbo

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  • Interest is compounded and paid monthly
  • Invested principal may not be withdrawn from CD accounts prior to the maturity of the term
  • If early withdrawal of principal is necessary, withdrawal amount cannot be less than $1,000 or CD must be fully withdrawn.

Early withdrawal penalties include forfeiture of a set number of days interest on the entire principal balance as determined by the term length of the certificate as follows:

Term Penalty (interest)
1 Year or Less 90 days
More than 1 year 180 days

No early withdrawal penalty will be assessed if the principal is withdrawn due to the death of any joint party to the certificate.

All of our CDs automatically renew for another term upon maturity. For all CDs, you have a grace period of ten (10) days after maturity in which to withdraw funds in the account without being charged an early withdrawal penalty.