Dear valued member,

It has been brought to our attention that a local (non working) phone number (231-894-3866) registered to HarborLight Credit Union is being used to attempt to get information from you. Please note that this is a scam!

We would NEVER contact our members and ask for such information as mother’s maiden name, account number, date of birth, social security number, drivers license number, address, ext. However, if HarborLight is returning your call, we may ask some verification questions, but never full social security numbers or full debit or credit card numbers. HarborLight Credit Union’s local/working phone number that would be calling you is 231-894-5608.

If HarborLight Credit Union’s Fraud Prevention phone number attempts to contact our members, they would have a case number issued to you, and they MAY ask for the last four of your social security number(never the full number) and they MAY ask for the last four of your card number(never the full number).

If you have received one of these phone calls and you have given any of your information to them, it is extremely important that you contact us right away so we can assess the situation and take measures to prevent any losses. Please contact 231-894-5608.

If any of your account information was given out, it is best to close and open a new account to protect you. If any of your credit or debit card information was given out, it is best to close the credit or debit cards and issue new cards, it is not necessary to close and open a new account. For credit and debit card compromise please call 231-894-5608 Ext. 232 or 249.

We value you and your privacy, and try our best to inform our members when we hear of such scams. Thank you for banking with HarborLight Credit Union.