Protect Your Loan With Member’s Choice™ Borrower Security

Member’s Choice™, a voluntary debt protection product offered by HarborLight Credit Union, is designed to postpone the principal and interest portion of your monthly loan payment up to the agreement maximums if you become involuntarily unemployed, or if you take a family leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.  If you are sick or disabled, it can cancel your monthly loan payments up to the agreement maximums.  It can also cancel your loan balance, up to $75,000 depending on the protection you choose, if you should pass away.

With Member’s Choice™ Borrower Security, you pay just pennies a day and only buy enough protection to cover your loan balance.  That save you money.

Other benefits include:

  • Member’s Choice™ Insurance on consumer, home equity, and VISA credit card loans
  • Protects your collateral and credit rating
  • Simple eligibility requirements
  • Fast, easy enrollment
  • No medical screening
  • Immediate coverage for eligible borrowers
  • Convenient – cost is included in your loan payment

For more information on complete Member’s Choice™ Borrower Security coverage details or to add this protection to your current loan with HarborLight Credit Union, stop in or call our office at 231-894-5608.

Insurance products are offered as a benefit of membership and are not deposits or obligations of HarborLight Credit Union, are not insured or protected by the FDIC, NCUSIF, or any other federal agency, and not guaranteed by HarborLight Credit Union.