I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not much of a saver. I have the best intentions, and sometimes I even manage to squirrel away a little money for the future, but usually I spend it as fast as I get it.

Just because I like to spend money doesn’t mean I don’t know a great deal when I see it.

Like free checking accounts. Free checking accounts are fabulous. I’ve tried to read the fine print and hidden fees on some of those big bank checking accounts and it made my head hurt.

You know what’s even better than a free checking account? A free checking account that rewards you for doing things you already do.

That’s where our Kasasa® checking accounts come into play.

What is this crazy spelled thing, you ask?

When I meet the monthly qualifications, my Kasasa Cash Back® checking account rewards me with 2.75% cash back on my debit card purchases (up to $300.00.)

For the math challenged people like myself;

$300.00 X 2.75% = An extra $8.25 per month for just living my life.

If you’re more of a saver, we have the perfect checking account for you too! The Kasasa Cash® checking account rewards you with 2.75% APY on your checking account balance (up to and including $5,000) when you meet the monthly qualifications. If you carry a larger balance, the portion of your balance over $5,000 would earn .15% APY.

And check this out; if you don’t meet the qualifications for the month with your Kasasa Cash account, you will still earn .05% APY.

But what if your primarily use your checking account for online purchases at places like Amazon®, iTunes® and Google Play™?

There’s a checking account for that too! Kasasa Tunes® reimburses you for these online purchases (up to $10.00 per month) when you meet the qualifications.

And did I mention that with each of these checking accounts, you get unlimited ATM withdrawal fee refunds for fees imposed by other financial institutions.

All three of these checking accounts have the same qualifications:

  • Have at least 12 debit card purchases post and settle to your checking account
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive e-Statements
  • Log into your online banking or mobile app at least once per month.

If you don’t meet the qualifications for a month; don’t panic! Your checking account is still free and you can try again the following month. There’s no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance.

I know. It almost sounds too good to be true. But trust me, it’s not. This year alone I’ve earned almost $70 for doing things I was already doing.

That’s what I call smart saving.

Not only that, but from now until September 30th, if you sign up for either a new Kasasa® checking account or convert your old checking account to Kasasa, you will automatically be entered to win a Kindle Fire 7 with Alexa.

Refer to our website for more details about the drawing or Kasasa®.