Have you ever wondered what the difference between a bank and a credit union is? One of the biggest differences is that credit unions are owned and controlled by their members, whereas banks are owned and controlled by stockholders.   Customers at banks have no say or control on how their bank is operated.  Members of credit unions have the ability to serve on the board of directors. A credit union’s board of directors is made up of elected members that are volunteers.  Typically credit unions have lower loan rates, higher interest rates, and fewer fees.  Credit unions are also local businesses that are organized to serve in the best interest of their members.

In case you didn’t know, the White Lake area is full of amazing local businesses. On Tuesday, October 17th, HarborLight Credit Union will support one of these businesses for “CU Lunch Local” day when the Bone Ends food truck will be parked at the main branch parking lot at 2151 Cogswell Dr. from 11:30-3:00pm.  If you haven’t tried the food, you are missing out.  Chef Rusty has taken Tex-Mex and put his own unique spin on it.  Everything is made from scratch and served with love.  Some personal favorite dishes of HarborLight include the “Spicy Pig Tacos,” “Veg-Head Tacos,” and the “BBQ Beercheese Poutine Fries.”  For a more complete menu and Bone Ends calendar of events you can find him on Facebook or at www.boneends.com.

The employees of HarborLight Credit Union enjoy being an active member of the White Lake area community. From parades to picnics, concerts to supporting local charities, HCU loves the White Lake area.  As a local business, HarborLight Credit Union knows that when you support small businesses, you’re supporting a dream.  So shop local, spend local, lunch local, and enjoy local.