We’ve all heard the old saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” As children and young adults we learned the value of a dollar and that in order to have money we needed to work hard and be responsible.  We learned these lessons with lemonade stands, paper routes, babysitting gigs, and other odd jobs. These lessons were reinforced when we were taught how to balance a checkbook or file a tax return.  Nowadays, these lessons are being taught much less frequently. That’s where Sheryl Hogle steps in to help bridge the gap.

“Preparing Youth to be Financially Responsible” is a mission statement that Sheryl takes very seriously.  Hogle was recently recognized at the National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) conference in Texas.  Among all credit unions in the country with assets less than $150 million, she ranked first for the number of classroom presentations given and fourth for the number of students reached.  From July 2016 until June of this year, Sheryl did 61 classroom presentations and reached over 700 students.

In 2008 Sheryl opened up her first student run credit union at Montague High School. One year later she took that success to Whitehall High School and opened the Viking SRCU. With lessons on identity theft, budgeting, paying for college, and living in a world of credit, Sheryl has become a constant presence in our local high schools.

She didn’t stop there. Last year Sheryl opened 2 new student run credit unions, one at Ealy Elementary in Whitehall, and one at R.R. Oehrli Elementary in Montague.  Sheryl believes that the sooner you can reach children, the better.  She teaches our children at the elementary level about counting money, the value of a dollar, and basic saving habits.

Not only does Sheryl operate the 4 student run credit unions, work with the White Lake Home School Partnership and local libraries to help reinforce healthy saving habits, but she also offers financial counseling and budgeting services to members who might need help getting out of debt or getting on the right track in terms of their finances.

Sheryl Hogle is a vital part of our HarborLight staff and we are so lucky to have her wisdom and guidance for the youth in our community. She loves what she does and makes an impact on so many people every day.