Regular Share Account Service Prices
Dormant Account (account balance < $250, over age 18, & no activity in past 12 mos.) $20.00 per month
Eight (8) withdrawals per month without a charge. All additional $1.00
High Yield savings four(4) withdrawals per month without a charge. All additional $1.00
Account Reopen (within 90 days of close) $25.00
Returned ACH $28.00 per item
Account close – within 90 days of opening $5.00
Manual clearing of ACH item $28.00
Escheats $50.00
Share Draft/Checking Account Service Prices
Non-Sufficient Funds Service Price $28.00 per item
Manual Clearing Service Price $28.00 per item
Stop Payment Service Price $25.00 per request
Share Draft Printing Service Price Prices vary depending upon style
Other Service Prices (applicable to all accounts)
Account Reconciliation First time free, then $20.00 per hour
Statement Copy $1.50 per page
Wire Transfer (outgoing) $15.00 per transfer
Wire Transfer (outgoing foreign)
Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions | Outgoing Wire Transfer Instructions
$45.00 per transfer
Money Order $2.00 per money order
Cashier’s Check (< $1,000) $2.00 per check
Check Copy $2.00 per item
Check Cashing $5.00
Loose Coin Counted Free once per year, then 3% of $ amount counted
Account Research $20.00 per hour
Legal Processing (garnishment, levy, etc.) $35.00
Member-Initiated Fax $1.00 per page (plus a $5 flat fee for long distance calls)
Non-use of MARS $2.00 per transfer
Failure to Report Change of Address
Change of Address Form | Seasonal Address Form
$5.00 per month
Foreign Item Processing $10.00
Overdraft transfer from regular shares $5.00 per transfer
Courtesy Pay $28.00
Return Deposit (includes ATM) $10.00
Expedited plastic card $75.00
Plastic card reissue $10.00
Health Savings Account (HSA) administration $20.00 annually
IRA administration $20.00 annually
Real Estate Loan Payoff Request $25.00
Verification of Deposit $10.00 (excludes DHS & HUD requests)
VISA gift card $3.50
VISA travel card $8.50
VISA travel card reload $3.50
Safe Deposit Boxes  Date Effective 2/1/2018
Small (3″ x 5″) $35.00 per year
Medium (3″ x 10″) $45.00 per year
Large (5″ x 10″) $55.00 per year
Extra Large (10″ x 10″) $100.00 per year
Virtual Branch Internet
Online Banking Free
Bill Pay Free
Electronic Funds Transfer Service Prices
Six (6) ATM/PIN withdrawals per month without charge, Each additional $1.00
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.00 per inquiry
Non-Sufficient Funds for check deposited at non-CU owned ATM and returned to HCU for non-sufficient funds $10.00
Business Account Service Prices
Returned Deposited Item $10.00/item
Loose Coin Counted 3% of $ amount counted
Night Drop replacement/extra key $5.00
Credit Union Membership
Membership Share $5.00 par value
Shared Branch Services Date Effective 11/20/2017
Coin Count 5% of amount counted